AIA Philadelphia Napkin Sketch Comp.

ARE YOU AN ARCHITECTURE/DESIGN STUDENT OR PROFESSIONAL? Show off your fierce sketching to the architecture and design community, earn wild fame, and win fabulous prizes!

General Info
Winners will be selected in three (3) categories:
White Paper Cocktail Napkin
Mixed Medium
Winners and finalists will be exhibited at the AIA Bookstore in Washington Square:
7th & Sansom Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Exhibition runs May 20 – July 22, 2013
Winners and finalists will be featured on the professional design feedback site The Designated Sketcher (
Winners will receive a fabulous prize from the AIA Bookstore and their design will be used on the official AIA Philadelphia Associates Committee/Young Architects Forum postcards

To Enter
Unleash your sketch genius to a 5×5 inch white paper cocktail napkin
Not feeling the white cocktail napkin? Submit your sketch on a 5×5 inch piece of mylar, vellum, cardboard, or any other fibrous material for our Mixed Medium category
Sketches should be architecture-oriented & drawn specifically for this competition
Use ink or ballpoint pen on all white paper cocktail napkin entries. Mixed Medium category is open to other mediums not to exceed 1/16 of inch from the surface
Limit six (6) sketches per registrant. Please number and include your name on back of entries. Considering your submissions as a series? Please include instructions for layout with your mailed submission
Register online via button below by April 26: $5 (High School Students FREE)
April 27 – May 3: $10 (High School Students $5)

All sketches must be postmarked by May 3, 2013 and sent to:
Center for Architecture
2013 Sketch Showdown
1218 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

For more information or questions email


House for 9

The objective of this particular project was to find a house with the following characteristics:

-Self Built, by which I mean built by the owners with or without any real knowledge in construction.
-Preferably choose a highly conflictive or poor area in the city.
-Interview the owner/family about their current situation and their needs.

Then the project had to consider the use of alternate construction methods, and the use of recyclable materials, the project would also participate in a competition at the end of the school year and the winner would get funding. Sadly at the end the competition part didn’t happen however I do intend to explore ways in which i could start raising some funds.

Family/House Info:

Family consists of 10 members, all living in a high risk area near the Santa Catarina Dry River, for reference all of the public parks shown in the satellite image where destroyed in 2010 by Hurrican Alex, even the lower street on the map is gone, red dot shows where the destruction stopped, the house is under the Pin. Fortunately the house is high enough to prevent river flooding , However it sits under a church building (large red complex) which got flooded and when the perimeter wall gave way it destroyed the whole neighborhood, their house was somehow saved , but they did loose everything.

Their “house” or rather shack is in a very poor state, so poor in fact that I decided trying to save any of the walls would be futile, besides the house needs to be raised as the current house follows the slope of the terrain (there isn’t even a foundation).

House: (i was recovering from a lung infection when i went there… BAD MISTAKE)

Now I should say, the house is a work in progress, I’m happy with the current layout but I feel I may have exaggerated a bit, it does have a lot of space and it may be quite unrealistic but i will be working on it in the following weeks. Now, and I know you guys don´t like a long explanation here but you need the context :p

There is a small room on the first floor (down left) thats a small shop, as it is common for houses in that neighborhood to sell food items, and would certainly help create some revenue, room at the end is for the owner who is a bit old and i feel wouldn’t be able to cope with the stairs on a regular basis. On the second floor the room with the two beds (bed bunks) is for the children, al under 10 , also the room on the lower left would be for a couple. Construction would of course be carried out with recyclable materials, if you want a clear reference of what I might use for it you´ll need to look at this project. I also participated in that one so i just thought i would use the same system, or at least elements of it.

I´ll see if i can put up a final proposal and proper diagrams explaining everything I just said above in a couple of weeks, I just wanted an early critique of it :p

Thank you.